On The European’s Obsession with the Far East

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The Far East has been very prevalent in the popular culture of the west since at least the 1800s, and present for hundreds of years before that. Exotic philosophies and other cultural and material exports made their way to Europe for hundreds of years with little issue. Although any multiculturalism deserves caution and moderation, there is something to be said for earlier movements of Far East obsession in that they took elements of Eastern culture and adapted them to be more palatable to the Western psyche. Take English teatime for example:

Although the drink itself is Eastern in origin, it would be difficult to argue that English teatime is anything but English. Some would even go so far as to argue that teatime is integral to English culture. Teatime was only the beginning of the Eastern obsession, however.

Some obsessive movements went even further, with the French art movement of…

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Sending strength to you!

Just a quick little post.

Some musing on a few topics: Order, Health and Beauty.

Order must be made one of our many priorities…We don’t have to take on the world here, just yet! Start small. I have found that affirming the worldview of our kinsmen is often a small but productive task… Make your own life and kin the highest priority! By strengthening your kin, you bolster your folk. By bolstering your folk, your honor and “hamingja” are increased. In doing these you raise up your race! We must revolt against the chaos inherent in our world today. Become a bastion of order.

Conscious decisions must be made for you and your own. Too often in other groups I have seen nothing but keyboard warriors. They yell ‘:RA:HO:WA:’ but look and sound more like fat XBox gamers. Get up and get out there and lift something heavy if you can. Victory through strength, mentally AND physically. Remember, filthy reds and libtards are usually cowardly and physically weak, rarely showering or laundering their clothes and given in to the apathy of drug use.

A simple thing to brighten your day is to look at the beauty of our glorious race, look at all we have accomplished in the last thousand years, the beauty of a young smiling white face. The children are our future, inculcate good values in them. It is so easy to fall into a depression when we see the ugliness that may be present in our towns or cities. I feel a tinge of disgust every time I see a blonde haired, blue eyed, young white man driving down the street with rap music blaring out of his speakers.

Stay strong, friends! I’m rooting for you! -AP


Inspiring! -AP

The Nietzsche Club

A single tombstone remains at a construction site of a skyscraper in the city of Taiyuan in China after the family of the deceased refused to accept payment for its demolishment. A single tombstone remains at a construction site of a skyscraper in the city of Taiyuan in China after the family of the deceased refused to accept payment for its demolishment.

In an almost allegorical depiction of the conflict between tradition and modernity, a lone grave remains amongst the construction of a new skyscraper in the city of Taiyuan in the Shanxi province of China. Whether out of respect for their dead or otherwise, a family refused a payment of roughly $160,000 to have a tombstone belonging to one of their own removed. Against the march of rapid globalization and unrestrained development, we traditionalists are much like this grave. We ought to remember the world that came before ours and keep it alive for the next generation, rather than destroy it for short-term gain or profit.

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Age brings reflection

Brigitte Bardot was the face of modernity in France during the 1960’s. She promoted nudity and decadent behavior, but now after watching the cultural and moral collapse of France and Europe, it looks like Ms. Bardot has realized the error of her ways. Instead of supporting modernity, the now 80 year old actress supports Front National and Marine Le Pen to take back France and turn the tide against modernity  brigitte….Hagall Hindrvitni! -A.P.

Learn how to rid yourself of Trolls in THE CAT ON THE DOVREFELL

Once on a time there was a man up in Finnmark who had caught a great white bear, which he was going to take to the King of Denmark. Now, it so fell out, that he came to the Dovrefell just about Christmas Eve, and there he turned into a cottage where a man lived, whose name was Halvor, and asked the man if he could get house-room there for his bear and himself.

“Heaven never help me, if what I say isn’t true!” said the man; “but we can’t give anyone house-room just now, for every Christmas Eve such a pack of Trolls come down upon us, that we are forced to flit, and haven’t so much as a house over our own heads, to say nothing of lending one to anyone else.”

“Oh?” said the man, “if that’s all, you can very well lend me your house; my bear can lie under the stove yonder, and I can sleep in the side-room.”

Well, he begged so hard, that at last he got leave to stay there; so the people of the house flitted out, and before they went, everything was got ready for the Trolls; the tables were laid, and there was rice porridge, and fish boiled in lye, and sausages, and all else that was good, just as for any other grand feast.

So, when everything was ready, down came the Trolls. Some were great, and some were small; some had long tails, and some had no tails at all; some, too, had long, long noses; and they ate and drank, and tasted everything. Just then one of the little Trolls caught sight of the white bear, who lay under the stove; so he took a piece of sausage and stuck it on a fork, and went and poked it up against the bear’s nose, screaming out:

“Cat, will you have some sausage?”

Then the white bear rose up and growled, and hunted the whole pack of them out of doors, both great and small.

Next year Halvor was out in the wood, on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, cutting wood before the holidays, for he thought the Trolls would come again; and just as he was hard at work, he heard a voice in the wood calling out:

“Halvor! Halvor!”

“Well,” said Halvor, “here I am.”

“Have you got your big cat with you still?”


“Yes, that I have,” said Halvor; “she’s lying at home under the stove, and what’s more, she has now got seven kittens, far bigger and fiercer than she is herself.”

“Oh, then, we’ll never come to see you again,” bawled out the Troll away in the wood, and he kept his word; for since that time the Trolls have never eaten their Christmas brose with Halvor on the Dovrefell.


Just a small little fairytale from ‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon’ from Asbjoernsen   -AP