I’m glad to see that people are waking up and starting to see the tragedy that has been bestowed upon our race. We will rise up and regain Europe for our people!


The bitter pill

We two authors, WG and AP, live in America. The Melting Pot, it is called, A country founded on Multiculturalism, “bring us your tired, poor and huddled masses.”, and did they ever take that that and run with it. A country where young men and women of Northern European ancestry glorify African American culture. Whenever I venture into the city, I see young men wearing large baseball hats and loose fitted pants with their undergarments visible. Now only if these young men and women knew some of the sordid origin of these fashions, which they display belligerently in some of the most ‘down-home’, ‘honest to goodness’ Middle American towns! (The flat bill and intact purchase stickers and tags on the baseball caps come from African Americans who, in their stop to acquire some crack cocaine or something like this, would trade in the hat at the store they bought it from for a newer hat. Wowee! A new hat every week! The luxury! I could rail for hours, but this is a discussion for another time.) These misguided youths today, I can picture in my mind how my ancestors would feel about them. I wish they would awaken, and take joy in their blood! If they only realized how rich and varied the world and culture of their ancestors are.

The bitter pill: many are one small step away from being irretrievably lost. I, for one, have found a path. The path is heritage, the path is land, inherited goods, the past. The path is Ôðalism, Thuleanism. It is overgrown as of this moment, and hidden from view aside the wide waste filled road trodden on by so many in this world today. There are a few dozen individuals in the present on this path or walking towards it, and cutting aside the tangled mess and erecting guideposts and signs, with their illuminating blogs and articles. The path leads to Northwestern Europe. I will attempt to do everything in my power to guide young people of Northwestern European ancestry towards the truth, and assist them in awakening the old ways in themselves. I will build myself first, and from my convictions and strength, others taking notice will desire in themselves a semblance, I hope. I am always learning! -AP

Hagall Ôðinn! Hagall Þôrr! Hagall Hindrvitni!

One of the most ambitious, vibrant, unique and vital things alive today, and it is just beginning!

“(It) is not just nationalism, not just Pagan religion, not just ideology, not just spirituality, not just environmentalism, not just philosophy, not just militarism, not just true democracy, not just a tradition; it is everything of the aforementioned – and this makes it’s meaning distinctly different from the meaning of any single one of the terms above.”

This blog and its authors proudly and wholeheartedly support Ôðalism.

Thulean Perspective

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After some reading of comments and some contemplation I think the best thing to do is to state that the philosophy, religion, ideology, life stance, tradition, world view and spirituality expressed by me on this blog will henceforth be described as Ôðalism (Odalism). You will only find most of these interpretations of the European Paganism available for free here on this blog; if you find them elsewhere the person responsible must have used this blog or SRAS as a source (which of course is perfectly fine). Naturally this does not apply to everything in this blog, but it does apply to everything related to Paganism that is not commonly found in books (other than SRAS). Like this and this. If in doubt regarding the truthfulness of what I say here, I will encourage you to search through every…

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As you most likely already know, the Vikings were the first to discover Vinland (America).


The voyage was lead by Leiv Eriksson and was said to have happened a whole five centuries before Christopher Columbus. Below is a picture of a Norse sod longhouse (recreation) at L’Anse aux Meadows on the northernmost tip of Newfoundland.


Now to get to the point of this post. To those of us born here in Vinland it is our ‘home’ but it is not our true home. On my visit to Ireland a few years back my brother and I got the opportunity to climb up a small mountain to have a better look at the valley below. When we were up there I could feel the call of my ancestors as the wind whipped around my body. I felt like I was truly home the minute we got out of the city, Dublin, and into the real countryside. When I go outside in my hometown and look at scenery I see oil rigs and topless mountains and it gives me a longing feeling. A feeling of sorrow that I am not living amongst my people in my homeland.

To all of you in Vinland feeling the same way that I do I will say this, Europe is bleeding and she is calling out to her children to come home and mend her wounds. We need to leave this land behind us and return to our ancestral home. Here is hoping that some day we will all be able to live amongst each other in a homogeneous Europe.

Hagall Ôðinn! Hagall Þôrr! Hagall Hindrvitni!


A few Pro European poems

The Song of Horsa’s Galley: Robert E Howard

From the Baltic sea our galleys sweep
To South and West and East,
We bring our bows from the Northern snows
That the great grey wolves may feast.

To the outmost roads of the plunging sea
Our dragon ships are hurled,
We have broken the chains of the Southern Danes
And now we break the world.

Out of the dark of the misty north
We come like shapes of gloam
To harry again the Southland men
And trample the arms of Rome.

The ravens circle above our prows
And our chant is the song of the sea.
They hear our oars by a thousand shores
And they know that the North is free.

A Call to the Ancestors: Sarenth Odinsson

To blood and bone
We sing in stone
In dirt and tree and root
We pray to know
In flame and snow
The breadth of all our birth
We seek your words
In food and mirth
In story and in myth
The ways that you O Ancestors
Lived in love and frith
We seek you high
We seek you low
In Earth and Sky and Life
We seek you in the utter dark
And seek you in the light
We seek you from the Void’s old home
From Ice and Flame combined
From the Tree, Breath and Body
Our bloodlines are defined
So come to us O Sacred Ones
Dance and sing and speak
So long we’ve been without your voice
So long we have been weak
Come fill us with your blessings
Come fill us with your songs
And when we die accept us in
To join the Odal throng!
Welcome me, O Ancestors
Holy Ones New and Old
And through your guidance
Your grace, your gifts
Let the paths of Wyrd unfold

Hagall Ôðinn! Hagall Þôrr! Hagall Hindrvitni!