A few Pro European poems

The Song of Horsa’s Galley: Robert E Howard

From the Baltic sea our galleys sweep
To South and West and East,
We bring our bows from the Northern snows
That the great grey wolves may feast.

To the outmost roads of the plunging sea
Our dragon ships are hurled,
We have broken the chains of the Southern Danes
And now we break the world.

Out of the dark of the misty north
We come like shapes of gloam
To harry again the Southland men
And trample the arms of Rome.

The ravens circle above our prows
And our chant is the song of the sea.
They hear our oars by a thousand shores
And they know that the North is free.

A Call to the Ancestors: Sarenth Odinsson

To blood and bone
We sing in stone
In dirt and tree and root
We pray to know
In flame and snow
The breadth of all our birth
We seek your words
In food and mirth
In story and in myth
The ways that you O Ancestors
Lived in love and frith
We seek you high
We seek you low
In Earth and Sky and Life
We seek you in the utter dark
And seek you in the light
We seek you from the Void’s old home
From Ice and Flame combined
From the Tree, Breath and Body
Our bloodlines are defined
So come to us O Sacred Ones
Dance and sing and speak
So long we’ve been without your voice
So long we have been weak
Come fill us with your blessings
Come fill us with your songs
And when we die accept us in
To join the Odal throng!
Welcome me, O Ancestors
Holy Ones New and Old
And through your guidance
Your grace, your gifts
Let the paths of Wyrd unfold

Hagall Ôðinn! Hagall Þôrr! Hagall Hindrvitni!



3 comments on “A few Pro European poems

  1. valkyrieprincess says:

    That was just lovely. ^^

  2. I am glad to see you are enjoying our posts, keep checking back because there will be plenty more. -WG

  3. Edward Le Prieur says:

    Reblogged this on Vinland Shore.

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