Your blood can sing to you.

I cannot speak for every keeper of our ancestor’s tradition. I can surmise the call of the culture as a whole to myself and my blood. I will try to explain at least why I think it has done this. My innate sense of intuition, which is in everyone (which I believe is the guiding hand of our ancestors) tells me that their ways were the right ways. I identify with it above all others, and I hope you do, too. Considering this very specific blog. Inherently, I know that all other paths/mores/beliefs are not mine…and alien. I’m not saying it is really even “wrong” or “Ours is the one true path” as many religious people accuse all other ways than their own to be. I hold to the belief that “It belongs with them” in their “neck of the woods”. My intuition, my inner voice, tells me that it is wrong for me, and that, whether or not my immediate ancestors (which I, of course, see with rose-tinted glasses e.g. Grandpa and his father before him were honorable men, and went to church often, what good men!) followed the Abrahamic religions. I do not wear sandals and a robe and traipse around the desert, like they do, I do not hold cattle in high regard or meditate, like the Indians do, so it doesn’t “apply” to me. If I was from there, I would relate to it. I don’t hear music in the story of the snake and the immaculate birth.Their individual exalted writings do not ‘sing’ to me…Do the Eddas and the histories ‘sing’ to you, like they do to me? Do they warm your blood like they do to me? When I first read things like the Rígsþula, the Völuspá, or the Hávamál, I knew that it was right, and for thousands of years, people that looked like me pondered these same words. This fills me with that easily permutable word Pride…I am proud of where I came from, I am proud of my forefathers, with their hair shining like the sun and with the depth, cold color and enormity of the sky in their eyes. and I am proud of the seemingly random fact that I was born “looking like I do”. If I was Hispanic, I’d wager I’d have pride for “La Raza” or if I was African-American I would have “Black Pride”. Damn this double standard that says that I cannot have pride in my “genetic luck of the draw” so to speak…Pride in my race, the fact that I want to to see them all be better than us, and to remember us, and to leave this place better than the way we found it! I have Thulean Pride, I have Northern Pride! Hagall Ôðinn! Hagall Þôrr! Hagall Hindrvitni!


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