The bitter pill

We two authors, WG and AP, live in America. The Melting Pot, it is called, A country founded on Multiculturalism, “bring us your tired, poor and huddled masses.”, and did they ever take that that and run with it. A country where young men and women of Northern European ancestry glorify African American culture. Whenever I venture into the city, I see young men wearing large baseball hats and loose fitted pants with their undergarments visible. Now only if these young men and women knew some of the sordid origin of these fashions, which they display belligerently in some of the most ‘down-home’, ‘honest to goodness’ Middle American towns! (The flat bill and intact purchase stickers and tags on the baseball caps come from African Americans who, in their stop to acquire some crack cocaine or something like this, would trade in the hat at the store they bought it from for a newer hat. Wowee! A new hat every week! The luxury! I could rail for hours, but this is a discussion for another time.) These misguided youths today, I can picture in my mind how my ancestors would feel about them. I wish they would awaken, and take joy in their blood! If they only realized how rich and varied the world and culture of their ancestors are.

The bitter pill: many are one small step away from being irretrievably lost. I, for one, have found a path. The path is heritage, the path is land, inherited goods, the past. The path is Ôðalism, Thuleanism. It is overgrown as of this moment, and hidden from view aside the wide waste filled road trodden on by so many in this world today. There are a few dozen individuals in the present on this path or walking towards it, and cutting aside the tangled mess and erecting guideposts and signs, with their illuminating blogs and articles. The path leads to Northwestern Europe. I will attempt to do everything in my power to guide young people of Northwestern European ancestry towards the truth, and assist them in awakening the old ways in themselves. I will build myself first, and from my convictions and strength, others taking notice will desire in themselves a semblance, I hope. I am always learning! -AP

Hagall Ôðinn! Hagall Þôrr! Hagall Hindrvitni!


3 comments on “The bitter pill

  1. camp says:

    American here. Fully awake for years.

    I waiting for the day when USG goes under. Then we can rise.

  2. Confederate says:

    My only issue is this Celtic vs Germanic thing. By this I mean Northwestern European are sorta a creole of the two right? Well I am a yank of Scotch-Irish, Irish, French heritage! I feel at odds with myself admiring both Germanic culture and Celtic. To me the best government for Aryans would be a Spartan Like Democracy which seems like Odalism is the term for it. A right government and if blended with the 2nd amendment you have me in your movement! Ill be damned if the Plebians try to take my rights away!

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