Children of Europe

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After reading the post on Heathens of Vinland about the Wiking Jugend, I have given much thought to the situation of modern European children who have degenerate parents. I have thought about what we could do to set these young children on the right path. In the days of our ancestors, young men had no desire to rebel against their father, and young women had no desire to become little more than whores. There was a sense of pride in your family. Children wanted to grow up to be strong and honourable like their fathers, or compassionate and resilient like their mothers. They did not want to go against the religion of their ancestors because this was their religion, their spiritual heritage, and it promoted the good and honourable. They would never dream of adopting other people’s gods, because they were not theirs. They were told stories of the heroic…

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Do not be afraid of the Light

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Vinland Heritage

Dear pagan readers,

Today I had an enjoyable discussion with a friend of mine that shares my view on so many subject. We discussed, among other subjects, about the fear to speak publicly about our opinions and convictions on left wing politics, multiculturalism, feminism, judaism, etc. The fact that we become a target when we openly express our loyalty to Europe; when we revolt against every single unfair things in this once honorable world.

I expressed my fear about the fact that the authorities should find in it a reason to take our children away from us to make sure to brainwash them and make sure they become good goyims. He told me that the threat against us is exaggerated, to scare us and make us think twice before we speak up against them and their view. That I should not worry too much about that. They will not touch…

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The Rhythm of the Universe

Thulean Perspective

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We generally think of the changes in nature as changes, but e. g. when the seasons change they really don’t, because after some time they change back to what they were. So there has really been very little or perhaps even no (significant) change. Rather than a change I think we should call it a rhythm. In a sense there are no changes in the universe, only rhythms.

The Ice Ages come and go too; they stay for about 100,000 years, or perhaps about 120,000 years, and then they go and leave a warm period for about 10,000 or perhaps about 12,000 years. In the long run, there is no change there either, only a rhythm. We are now living at the end of a warm period, and of course the scientists believe that the changes in the climate is due to…

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Die Wiking Jugend

Die Wiking Jugend (The Viking Youth), 1952-1994, was a post WWII youth organization based on the Hitler Youth. In 1994 the Wiking Jugend, as well as the use of the Odal rune as an organizational symbol, was banned in Germany.


The youth of today are in need of a program such as the Wiking Jugend. Children grow up with degenerate celebrities as their role models and only learn how to be degenerates themselves. Those of us lucky enough to be raised properly by people with true European values know better than to look up to said degenerates. We know what a true role model is. The youth should be learning of their heritage and the history of our people. They should be looking up to role models such as Raud the Strong and all the other heathen warriors who would rather die than give into the Christian plague.


Though it may be hard to see in the picture of the father and his son, the father is wearing Mjölnir, or þor’s hammer. We need this new organization to teach children the elder ways and help guide them to a better future, a European future, a Heathen future! It seems as if public schools (in America at least) only want to talk about the Third Reich and how ‘evil’ it was when they speak of Europe. They hardly ever mentioned Pagan Europe because they do not want kids to know of that. We need to teach the children of the great men and women who have fought and died to protect our race, ideals, and culture. We need a new Wiking Jugend!


Heil die Wiking Jugend! Heil Europa! Heil Oðalism!