In this post, Varg elucidates the reasons he is taking a break from making (nearly) daily entries. If you, like me, check his blog daily for new posts, I urge you all to follow such excellent pro-European blogs such as Destroy Zionism! (, Call of the Ancestors (, Hyperborea Rising (, Vinland Heritage (, Mímisbrunnr (, and Longing for Thule (, among many others I have failed to mention. Also revisit the ‘Essential Posts’ linked to in the entry I have reposted here, and  slowly and carefully reread and fully “digest” the knowledge presented therein. Let us keep this flame alight! -AP


2 comments on “

  1. Varg Vikernes says:

    Let me add to that list.

    • Thanks for the input Varg, I am making a page on this blog with links to other Pro-European blogs/websites so feel free to add anything else to the list over time. Hagall Ôðalism! -WG

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