Somhairlidh mhór mac Gillebride mhic Gilledomnán

In hope we byde, brother.
Hagall Somhairlidh! Hagall MacIans!



  Somhairlidh (more commonly known as Somerled) is one of my ancestors and a great inspiration to me. He was a Norse/Gaelic King of the Isles in the Highlands of Scotland in the mid 12th century and considered a valiant hero. The reason that I am saying this is because I think it is important for Europeans, especially here in North America, to connect with their forefathers (or foremothers). Researching ancestry gives you a sense of belonging and reconnects you with the land. Finding noble warriors and heroes in your own lineage gives you a true European role model, which is especially important for younger people who idolize degenerate celebrities and the like.


Tales of Somhairlidh inspire in me strength, courage, and honour, and I am sure that I am not alone as there are many who can claim him as their own forebear. I hope that one day my…

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