Valfar Ein Windir

This post is inspired by the post History of a True European Hero on Vinland Heritage.

Terje “Valfar” Bakken (1978-2004)


Valfar was the mind behind the band Windir. Born and raised in Sogndal, Norway, Valfar had always been interested in his hometown for his family had been there for quite some time. He wrote his music about history and legends of Sogndal. The album Arntor was named after a local hero. The album 1184 was named after the year that The Battle of Fimreite was fought. One of his songs “Svartesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet” tells of a local folk tale about a troll. In 2004 Valfar went for a walk to his family’s cabin but never showed up. Three days later Valfar’s body was found, he had noticed the storm was getting bad so he turned for home but never made it. Terje Bakken will live on in Valhalla!

Artists of today should take inspiration from Valfar and do as he did. I am not saying to go make a band and try to mimic the sound of Windir, but when making art (music, paintings, poetry, etc.) make it mean something to you personally. If you need inspiration just look in your blood’s history and find stories of your family or your homeland. Keep Europe alive with the sounds of true European music! Keep Europe alive through paintings of our people, lands, and myths! Keep Europe alive through the words of true Heathens! As quoted from a tapestry of Irminsul from The Ahnenerbe “Kein volk lebt lönger als die dokumente ieiner kultur” “No people live longer than the documents of their culture”.


Hail to Valfar, a true Scaldic musician and a true European!



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