The Rhythm of the Universe

Thulean Perspective

Español. Magyar. Serbian.

We generally think of the changes in nature as changes, but e. g. when the seasons change they really don’t, because after some time they change back to what they were. So there has really been very little or perhaps even no (significant) change. Rather than a change I think we should call it a rhythm. In a sense there are no changes in the universe, only rhythms.

The Ice Ages come and go too; they stay for about 100,000 years, or perhaps about 120,000 years, and then they go and leave a warm period for about 10,000 or perhaps about 12,000 years. In the long run, there is no change there either, only a rhythm. We are now living at the end of a warm period, and of course the scientists believe that the changes in the climate is due to…

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