Children of Europe

You never fail with the inspiring posts, brother. Hagall Hindrvitni! -WG



After reading the post on Heathens of Vinland about the Wiking Jugend, I have given much thought to the situation of modern European children who have degenerate parents. I have thought about what we could do to set these young children on the right path. In the days of our ancestors, young men had no desire to rebel against their father, and young women had no desire to become little more than whores. There was a sense of pride in your family. Children wanted to grow up to be strong and honourable like their fathers, or compassionate and resilient like their mothers. They did not want to go against the religion of their ancestors because this was their religion, their spiritual heritage, and it promoted the good and honourable. They would never dream of adopting other people’s gods, because they were not theirs. They were told stories of the heroic…

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