Do not be afraid of the Light

Long live Europe! Very inspiring post my friend. -WG

Vinland Heritage

Dear pagan readers,

Today I had an enjoyable discussion with a friend of mine that shares my view on so many subject. We discussed, among other subjects, about the fear to speak publicly about our opinions and convictions on left wing politics, multiculturalism, feminism, judaism, etc. The fact that we become a target when we openly express our loyalty to Europe; when we revolt against every single unfair things in this once honorable world.

I expressed my fear about the fact that the authorities should find in it a reason to take our children away from us to make sure to brainwash them and make sure they become good goyims. He told me that the threat against us is exaggerated, to scare us and make us think twice before we speak up against them and their view. That I should not worry too much about that. They will not touch…

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