The call of your ancestors.

This is a video I made to promote Thulean Perspective and Ancestral Cult.
HailaR WôðanaR! – William G.

Edit: I have finished multiple translations of the video.







I want to thank Olivier, French Thulean Perspective, Llew, Andrea, Stefan, Aleksander, and Per for their help with the translations so far. You all have been a huge help.


Support For Varg and Marie





     Amidst all the spamming and bullshit, many people in the community have come together to show support for two true European heroes. It is times like these that people show their true colors, and I am proud to call you my brothers and sisters. Everyone should be doing something to show their support, no matter how small it is. My brother and I will soon be plastering various Thulean Perspective stickers and some of the support flyers all around the area that we live, and while this isn’t much, every little bit helps and spreads awareness. Let us hope that after all the smoke clears this whole disaster will only help our cause. HailaR WôðanaR! HailaR Varg! HailaR Marie!

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