Sending strength to you!

Just a quick little post.

Some musing on a few topics: Order, Health and Beauty.

Order must be made one of our many priorities…We don’t have to take on the world here, just yet! Start small. I have found that affirming the worldview of our kinsmen is often a small but productive task… Make your own life and kin the highest priority! By strengthening your kin, you bolster your folk. By bolstering your folk, your honor and “hamingja” are increased. In doing these you raise up your race! We must revolt against the chaos inherent in our world today. Become a bastion of order.

Conscious decisions must be made for you and your own. Too often in other groups I have seen nothing but keyboard warriors. They yell ‘:RA:HO:WA:’ but look and sound more like fat XBox gamers. Get up and get out there and lift something heavy if you can. Victory through strength, mentally AND physically. Remember, filthy reds and libtards are usually cowardly and physically weak, rarely showering or laundering their clothes and given in to the apathy of drug use.

A simple thing to brighten your day is to look at the beauty of our glorious race, look at all we have accomplished in the last thousand years, the beauty of a young smiling white face. The children are our future, inculcate good values in them. It is so easy to fall into a depression when we see the ugliness that may be present in our towns or cities. I feel a tinge of disgust every time I see a blonde haired, blue eyed, young white man driving down the street with rap music blaring out of his speakers.

Stay strong, friends! I’m rooting for you! -AP