On The European’s Obsession with the Far East

Halcyon Initiative

The Far East has been very prevalent in the popular culture of the west since at least the 1800s, and present for hundreds of years before that. Exotic philosophies and other cultural and material exports made their way to Europe for hundreds of years with little issue. Although any multiculturalism deserves caution and moderation, there is something to be said for earlier movements of Far East obsession in that they took elements of Eastern culture and adapted them to be more palatable to the Western psyche. Take English teatime for example:

Although the drink itself is Eastern in origin, it would be difficult to argue that English teatime is anything but English. Some would even go so far as to argue that teatime is integral to English culture. Teatime was only the beginning of the Eastern obsession, however.

Some obsessive movements went even further, with the French art movement of…

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