About the Authors

This blog is authored by two young men, Aindriú P. and William G. (Their respective posts are tagged WG or AP)

Aindriú lives in South Central Indiana, U.S.A., near the expansive density of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgan-Monroe_State_Forest), where a large portion of his paternal ancestors are buried in the cemetery contained therein. His Great-Aunt, Olethia “Tootsie” Walls, née Pryor,  has been immortalized in urban legend as the “Black Lady of Stepp Cemetery” (and this misconception and subsequent disrespect of the area greatly aggravates him!).

In regards to hobbies, he enjoys furthering his knowledge of his genealogy and ancestry, the mysteries of Ancient Norman, Celtic and Scandinavian culture, and making Scaldic music with his one man band, The Inundation.

William lives in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, U.S.A. He is of Scottish, Scandinavian, and German descent. His brother has tracked his ancestry back to Somerled, King of Man and the Isles. Somerled is where the Scandinavian descent comes in because Somerled’s ancestors were said to have come from Norway. Somerled met his glorious death in the Battle of Renfrew. William and his brother are working on their Scaldic music under the name Heiðni.

Hagall Ôðinn! Hagall Þôrr! Hagall Hindrvitni!


2 comments on “About the Authors

  1. hibernian says:

    Too fellow European Yanks! I did not think many like minded people lived in America. I am from New England by the way!

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